Headphone and headset seminar

In May we will be hosting three seminars in collaboration with Listen, Inc. The seminars will take place in Denmark, UK and Germany. 

The upcoming and free one-day seminar will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest within headphone test systems and methods by industry experts Peter Wulf-Andersen (G.R.A.S.), Steve Temme (Listen, Inc.) and guest speaker Chris Struck (CJS LABS).

Locations and Dates:
Bedford, UK - May 15th
Copenhagen area (Holte), Denmark - May 18th
Hannover, Germany - May 19th

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Curious on what it is all about? Watch the highlights from the recently held seminars in US including the participants’ assessments here.


Agenda (9am-4pm)

  • 8.30am – Check in and breakfast
  • 9.00am - Introduction
  • Overview of Headphone Test Systems and tools
    • Traditional tools vs. modern consumer demands
      • Introduction to head and ear related terminology and definitions.
      • Historical perspective and background for the tools and standards used today.
      • Limitations vs. Possibilities in term of the measurement capabilities. How does that relate to the modern challenges with Bluetooth and ANC related testing tasks?
    • Tools for Next Generation Headphone Testing
      • Solutions to the challenges addressed above.
      • Examples based on products and measurements.
    • What about frequencies above 20kHz? Science or marketing? Measurement Consistency – Development vs. Production
      • Progress in measurements from Head and Torso Simulator (KEMAR) to Production Test Fixture (45CC – flat plate). How the different components affect the measurements:
    • Software and hardware for headphone testing including typical headphone measurements and test setups 
  • Practical examples of headphone measurements on.
    • Analog Headphones
    • Bluetooth Headsets
    • ANC Headphones
    • Lightning/USB Connected Headphones (using triggered recordings)
    • Hi-Res Headphones
    • In-ear monitors
  • Measurements including:
    • Frequency Response relative to a target response
    • Left/Right tracking
    • Impedance
    • Noise attenuation
    • Distortion including Non-Coherent Distortion
    • Standards including Max SPL EN-50332 & IEC-60268-7
  • Headphone Design (Guest Speaker Chris Struck, CJS Labs)
    • Desired headphone response
    • Headphone measurement standards
  • Hands-on testing: Bring your own device and test it using one of our measurement setups