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  Location: United States   /   Place: Minneapolis, MN

  Start: 7/5-2018   /    End: 11/5-2018

At the next meeting of the Acoustical Society of America to be held in Minneapolis, MN, invited and contributed papers and presentations will reflect the diversity and interests of the ASA membership.
GRAS-US will be exhibiting our...

  Location: Denmark   /   Place: Aarhus

  Start: 9/5-2018   /    End: 9/5-2018

Together with National Instruments, GRAS has the pleasure of hosting a one-day seminar on Acoustic Measurements for Wind Applications.

Our experts will share their insights on how to solve the most common obstacles, when setting ...

  Location: United States   /   Place: Austin, TX

  Start: 21/5-2018   /    End: 24/5-2018

NIWeek 2018 will bring together thousands of engineers, scientists, and industry professionals to learn about the National Instruments software-centric platform for accelerating development and increasing productivity in test, measuremen...

  Location: Germany   /   Place: Stuttgart

  Start: 5/6-2018   /    End: 7/6-2018

Visit us at booth #8642, where you can learn more about the unique microphone from GRAS.

At this year’s Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, we proudly present our new automotive microphone. The 146AE microphone ...

  Location: Japan   /   Place: Hiroshima

  Start: 8/7-2018   /    End: 12/7-2018

Meet us at booth #18 at the 25th International Congress on Sound and Vibration in Hiroshima, Japan.

We will introduce our new rugged automotive microphone - 146AE – the world’s only measurement microphone set tha...