GRAS RA0252 1/4” 0.4cc High Frequency Coupler

Volume: 0.4cc
IEC: TS 62886 (IEC 60118-0)
Use: For hearing aid test up to 16 kHz


GRAS RA0252 is a 1/4” 0.4cc High freq Coupler for testing of hearing aids at frequencies up to 16 kHz.

It is used in the GRAS 43BA-1 1/4" 0.4cc High Frequency Coupler Kit, GRAS 43BA-2 1/4" 0.4cc CCP High Frequency Coupler Kit and GRAS 43BA-3 1/4" 0.4cc CCP High Frequency Coupler Kit, High Sensitivity.

The RA0252 is the coupler delivered as a separate part, i.e. without microphone, ear mold and tube adapters.

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