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The G.R.A.S. Demo Campaign

Whatever industry you are in – automotive, aerospace or environmental – we can help you get the testing results you expect. The G.R.A.S. Demo gives you the chance to try out the world’s best testing equipment.

The G.R.A.S. Demo is open to everybody!

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Test with the best

At G.R.A.S. we are world leaders when it comes to testing microphones and related acoustic equipment. And the better the testing equipment, the better your results.

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We test our own products rigorously, so you can be assured of the best results.

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Demo campaign


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Demo campaign

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At G.R.A.S. we have over 20 years of experience of testing microphones and related acoustic equipment.

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Demonstrating why G.R.A.S. is the best

Watch the HALT video and discover how we test our products

All G.R.A.S. products are subject to demanding testing with our unique Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests, also known as HALT, which actively accelerate the lifetime of our microphones.

The microphones are produced solely in stainless steel and come with a five year warranty.

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