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At GRAS we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing the world's best high-quality measurement microphones, acoustic equipment and accessories. Our products are used widely within the fields of aerospace, automotive, audiology, consumer electronics, noise monitoring, building acoustics and telecommunications, metrology, education, consultancy, legislation and system integration.


Below you will find whitepapers and other technical documents with background information on central acoustic themes:

Measurements in boundary layers

Testing of Acoustical Isolation of Hearing protectors and Ear Phones

Windscreens – Practical Guidelines for Acoustic Measurements in Situations with Wind Flow

The GRAS Intensity Sphere: an improved Method for 3D Vector Intensity Measurements

Two Modified IEC 60318-4 Ear Simulators for Extended Dynamic Range

Airbag Noise Measurements

Measurement of Impulsive Noise

Periodic Verification of Measurements Microphones


GRAS provides a wide range of special designed acoustic sensors and dedicated accessories for use in specific industries. The products are either designed according to standard or special use but also customized solutions account for a large share of the portfolio. Our customer segments are mainly within aerospace, consumer electronics and audiology as well as monitoring of airport and community noise. 

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