A Perfect Pair

The best measurement microphone
deserves the best calibrator!

If your goal is to ensure repeatable measurements,
make sure to add the 42AG calibrator from GRAS to
your solution. This will enable you to perform easy
field-verification no matter where and when you need
to validate your measurements.
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GRAS 146AE 1/2’’ CCP Free-field Microphone Set

With a shock absorbing design and added protection against water, oil, dust and
extreme temperatures 146AE is the ideal solution for the broadest range of applications.
Easy conversion to random incidence response and
a comprehensive range of accessories underline its versatility.

GRAS 42AG Multifunction Sound Calibrator, Class 1

Portability, automatic level adjustment and two calibration frequencies and levels
make 42AG a complete solution for field-verification.
Automatic compensation makes separate instrumentation for recording of
ambient air pressure, temperature and humidity redundant.

To learn more about the benefits of a combined solution from GRAS
consisting of the 146AE measurement microphone and the 42AG calibrator,
contact your local GRAS partner and simply quote “A Perfect Pair” or visit

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